A better value HelloSign alternative

Build a platform that your team can access to view, send, and eSign documents fast without paying a ridiculously high price. Or forgoing the features you rely on.

No credit card or sales call needed

GetSig is a great, secure cloud software tool to collaborate and receive formal signatures on documents. Its encryption features and price point made me choose it over competitive products like Adobe & DocuSign.

Tal Evans | CEO, Majestic

Bulk eSignatures requests

Sometimes, you need to send a document to dozens of people to review and sign. Don’t waste time sending one by one — do it in bulk with GetSig.

GetSig enables users to send an unlimited amount of bulk eSignature requests anytime, anywhere.

HelloSign offers bulk sends, but only for its higher-priced plans. Why pay more when you don't have to?


You want to get the most out of your eSignature tool without hurting your budget. GetSig works with the budgets of small, medium, and large businesses.

GetSig's offers an unlimited plan for eSignature requests for just $7.50/user/month.

HelloSign's starting price is double the price with limited templates.

Free trial

You don’t know what you’re getting unless you try before you buy. That’s why GetSig goes all out with its three-month free trial.

Feel confident in becoming a GetSig user by testing us in our 90-day free trial.

You can give HelloSign a test run, but you only get 30 days to try it out.

“Consider GetSig over DocuSign and Adobe Sign”

Jan S. | Managing Director

“Best in class eSignature product for a remote workforce”

Jag K. | Founder

“Amazing Product when compared to DocuSign or PandaDoc”

Robert J. | CEO

Start your risk-free trial now to see if GetSig works for your business. No credit card needed.


In business, nothing’s more important to your reputation than consistency. When your tools fail you, you fail your customers. GetSig won’t let that happen.

GetSig's eSignature software uses secure, reliable AWS hosting to ensure maximum uptime (and no delays).

HelloSign customers complain about frozen contracts in browsers while signing, frequent accessibility issues, and the inability to send documents. Talk about workflow bottlenecks.

Customer service

When things go wrong, or you’re confused about an issue, you should have timely access to customer support. Unfortunately, not every brand feels customer service is a top priority.

Rest assured knowing GetSig will get back to you quickly when you submit a request. And we're not afraid to jump on a call to give you a helping hand.

Customers often complain of slow customer service that takes longer than 24 hours to hear back. Plus, they don't have a phone number to chat with a person.

Professional templates

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a document that looks thrown together. It makes your business appear scammy and untrustworthy. This isn’t a concern when you use GetSig.

GetSig templates allow you to add fields that blend well with the document.

Customers complain that templates are unprofessional and look like ransom notes (their words, not ours).

Get all the features you desire without the high price

GetSig comes with everything you need to improve your digital signature workflow.

Legally binding signatures

Signing documents with GetSig is legally binding under Australian and international law.

Full audit trail and visibility

Know who signed what and when with an audit trail that gives complete visibility.

Military-grade security

Stop sending signed documents via unencrypted emails--GetSig uses military tech for enhanced protection.

Reusable templates

Create templates with pre-filled fields for faster document processing workflows. 

Organisation and Teams

Share and control access to documents within a team and throughout your organisation.

Automations and notifications

Never forget pending documents and signatures using GetSig's automation and auto-reminders.

Working remotely or in the office? GetSig offers a stress-free process for obtaining electronic signatures.

Professionals trust GetSig for eSigning important documents

When you need to sign contracts, invoices, or other legal documents now…think GetSig.


Get contracts eSigned fast, so you can start projects (and get paid) sooner.


Securely sign, send, and track important student documents.

Financial Services

Sign and approve invoices, tax forms, and applications from anywhere.


Onboard patients and employees quicker with remote eSignatures.


Prevent production delays with faster approvals and signatures for purchase orders.

Professional Services

Use templates to onboard clients faster using templates and eSignatures.

Software & Technology

Remove bottlenecks in project workflows caused by delayed document signatures.

Real Estate

Sell and rent properties faster with remote electronic signatures.

Collecting documents and signatures is business as usual. But it doesn’t have to be slow, complicated, or annoying. With GetSig, you have templates, team hubs, and security to create a smooth eSigning process.

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  • 1. How is GetSig's security better than HelloSign's?

    GetSig uses military-grade encryption technology the NSA trusts to protect its stored files. However, we also have patent pending security measures to ensure your files reach their digital destination safely (vs. sending unsecured documents).

  • 2. How many templates can I create using GetSig?

    HelloSign's cheapest plans limit you to only five templates, while GetSig gives you unlimited templates per month.

  • 3. Is GetSig ideal for enterprise companies?

    Yes, GetSig offers a robust platform that large and small businesses can use to handle large volumes of monthly eSigned documents.

  • 4. How many people can I add to my team on GetSig?

    You can add as many as you want under our monthly unlimited plan, which is 7.50 monthly per user.

Simplify eSigning with GetSig

Let's make remote document signing fast, secure, and affordable—the way it should be. 


“Consider GetSig over DocuSign and Adobe Sign”

Jan S. | Managing Director

“Best in class eSignature product for a remote workforce”

Jag K. | Founder

“Amazing Product when compared to DocuSign or PandaDoc”

Robert J. | CEO