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  • 1. What document formats can I eSign with GetSig?

    You can sign documents from word processors (e.g., Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Libre Office) and PDFs. Soon GetSig will support formats like PowerPoint, Excel, and image files. Upload supported formats using your computer or phone.

  • 2. Do I need a credit card to start a free trial?

    No. You can trial GetSig without a credit card.

  • 3. Will I be auto-charged after my free trial?

    No. You will need to subscribe to one of our paid plans after the free trial.

  • 4. Where are documents stored and is it secure?

    All of your documents are stored in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud securely using AES-256 encryption (military-grade technology approved by the NSA).

  • 5. Are GetSig signatures legally binding?

    Yes, all documents signed with GetSig are legally binding under Australian and international law, which recognize digital signatures as a valid way to execute agreements. We have audit trails to track who signs each document and when (date and time).

  • 6. Is it free to sign a document?

    Yes. Once you sign up for GetSig, you can send documents to recipients to eSign for free. No account is required for eSigners to complete your document.

  • 7. Can I change my subscription anytime?

    Yes, go into your account to upgrade or downgrade your subscription. Your next billing cycle will reflect the new rate.

  • 8. Are these starting prices?

    No. What you see is what you pay. Our pay-as-you-go option only charges you for the documents signed. The power user plan charges you the same amount monthly until you cancel.

  • 9. Is my data safe with GetSig?

    Yes, all of your online communications, credit card data, documents, and personal information are encrypted to ensure the utmost security. We use AES-256, the one and only cipher publically available that the NSA approves and uses to protect top-secret information.

  • 10. Do you offer enterprise plans for large organisations?

    Yes, we offer special rates for enterprise customers. Contact us via email us at hello@getsig.com to learn more and to receive a personalised quote.

  • 11. Does GetSig integrate with other business systems?

    Yes, GetSig has a simple no-code API to simplify integrating it with your business systems. We're currently developing identity, workflow, payments, file, and data integrations with Salesforce, SAP, HubSpot, and others.

  • 12. What is a GetSig template?

    GetSig templates speed up eSignature workflows using automation. Templates are pre-made and reusable to prevent time wasted on remaking similar documents. It includes default values and workflows, like inserting company/client names, addresses, phone numbers, and other data into required fields, so documents are ready to send and sign at the click of a button.

    You can create templates for everything from NDAs and contracts. It takes minutes to create and can be sent to a list of recipients in one go, scheduled to be sent at a future date, or at set intervals (such as for an invoice). Templates are also available using APIs.

  • 13. What other services do you offer?

    We are consistently updating GetSig with new features and offerings. Soon, we will provide the option for legal reviews, document translation, identity verification, e-notary services, and more. Our goal is to provide a remote yet integrated experience to customers. So keep a watch on our roadmap as it continues to evolve to meet your needs.

  • 14. Am I locked into a contract?

    No, all of our plans are monthly, or paid per document, so you can cancel at any time.

  • 15. How much can I earn from a GetSig partnership?

    The revenue potential is limitless, especially when you can earn a 50% commission (monthly for the first 12 months). So the more customers you bring aboard, the higher your recurring income.

  • 16. Is my business eligible for the GetSig partner program?

    It's easy to become a GetSig partner — there's no minimum annual revenue requirement. But there are two tiers: Standard and Premium. Premium tier partners receive more resources and higher commissions.

  • 17. Are there any fees to join?

    No, you don't have to pay anything to become a GetSig partner.

  • 18. What resources do you offer to GetSig partners?

    Depending on your tier, you will receive marketing development funds, sales and marketing resources and tools, training, and a partner manager.

  • 19. How are my documents secured with GetSig?

    Your documents are secured using military-grade encryption approved by the NSA. This ensures no one can hack or see the contents of your document without authorization or direct access to your device. This is preferable to emailing documents, since these are unencrypted and can be stolen by cyber criminals.

  • 20. Where are my documents stored in GetSig?

    All documents you create and send using GetSig are stored using Amazon Web Services. It's a cloud service using AES-265 encryption (military-grade technology the NSA approves). So your information is secure and accessible on any web-connected device.

  • 21. Are electronic signatures legal?

    Yes, eSignatures are legal in Australia and under international law. So if you sign a contract with a client locally, then it's court admissible in your country, as well as theirs.

  • 22. How do I know when someone signed a document?

    When the recipient signs your document, you will receive an email notification with the date and time of the signature.

  • 23. Can I customise my GetSig emails?

    Yes, you can add a banner to your emails so customers/signers can get the branded experience.

  • 24. Are GetSig's generated documents secure?

    Yes, all documents you generate using GetSig are secured by military-grade encryption technology. And stored safely in Amazon Web Services cloud.

  • 25. Can I generate multiple signing requests at once?

    Yes. To speed up the process, GetSig empowers you to send multiple signing requests at once. Perfect for contracts, NDAs, and other documents with several signers.

  • 26. What templates does GetSig offer?

    GetSig offers two types of templates:

    1. Overlay templates where only the contents change with each upload (invoices, proposals, etc.)
    2. Regular templates where everything stays the same (NDAs, service contracts, etc.)
  • 27. Is it easy to send contracts using GetSig?

    Yes, sending contracts with GetSig is fast and easy. Just upload your contract, fill in the blanks, send, and eSign.

  • 28. How much does it cost to send contracts with GetSig?

    GetSig offers two plans for lightweight and heavyweight users. Pay only $0.50 per contract sent or $7.50/mo per user for unlimited contract sends. Both have a 90-day free trial to test the waters before committing.

  • 29. Why use GetSig for contract negotiation?

    Contract negotiation is a lengthy process. Why make it longer by using snail mail, fax machines, and emails that get lost or stolen? Prevent mishaps by sending contracts via GetSig's military-grade encrypted service. Plus, you can see who's signed, when they signed, and who's still pending. Reminders are also available to prevent contracts from falling through the cracks.

  • 30. How can I track contract renewals?

    Staying on top of contract renewals is seamless with GetSig. Log into your dashboard to see which contracts are pending and who has yet to sign. Notifications are also available to prevent unnecessary bottlenecks.

  • 31. What type of templates are available on GetSig?

    GetSig offers two types of templates:

    1. Overlay templates for when the structure of documents stays the same, but the contents change (e.g., invoices, employment agreements, etc.)
    2. Regular templates for documents that don’t change (e.g., NDAs, service agreements, etc.)
  • 32. How do I use overlay templates?

    You can use overlay templates to add fields to key areas of a document for the signers to fill in. For example, their company name, address, signature, date, etc. The template will save the locations of all the fields you add, so you don’t have to do it again. To use an overlay template, you must upload a Word or PDF document and select the template and it’ll insert the fields in the predetermined areas.

  • 33. How do I use regular templates?

    You can use regular templates to create documents that never change. For example, service agreements stay the same and only require an eSignature.

  • 34. What's the difference between regular and overlay templates?

    Regular templates are sent without changing anything. The recipient just signs the document as is. Examples: Service agreements, NDAs, and employee agreements.

    Overlay templates have pre-filled areas that don't change, but inserts fields in the areas you specify. Just upload the document the template is for (contract, invoice, etc.) and the template will place the fields in the areas you added when building the template.

  • 35. Is GetSig safer than other eSignature tools?

    Many eSignature platforms use various certifications and technologies to secure the storage of users' documents — for example, ISO 27001 certification. GetSig uses superior military-grade encryption for document storage. Plus, we have a pending patent for email security to ensure your documents are safe during transmission.

  • 36. How does GetSig work?

    Upload a contract or document to GetSig. Add fields that the recipient must fill out. eSign it and send it. The recipient(s) will receive an email notification with a link to sign the document. They click the link, enter their credentials, and then sign the document. The recipient gets another email notification that includes a link to the signed document.

  • 37. Is there a limit to the number of users I can register?

    No. There's no limit to how many users you can add to your GetSig account. Just pay $7.50 per month per user, and you can share your documents in a team hub.

  • 38. Will I be automatically charged after a free trial?

    No. GetSig doesn't collect your credit card details when you sign up for a 90-day trial. You will need to sign up and pay for the monthly or pay-as-you-go plan.

  • 39. Can I integrate GetSig if I don't know code?

    Absolutely. There's no need to know programming languages, thanks to our no-code integration option through Zapier. Our eSignature platform also integrates with over 3,000 apps — some you may already use.

  • 40. Can I integrate my existing business systems?

    Yes! Our API allows you to connect directly to your current business systems. Or, you can use our no-code integration option.

  • 41. Is there a limit to the number of users I can register?

    No. There's no limit to how many users you can add to your GetSig account. Just pay $7.50 per month per user, and you can share your documents in a team hub.

  • 42. Do I need to pay to try GetSig?

    No. We offer a free 90-day trial that doesn't require a credit card. Once your trial is over, you can choose from one of our paid options to continue using GetSig.

  • 43. Why should I trust GetSig?

    Outside of being trusted by educators in Australia and internationally, we offer the following benefits:

    1. Simple to use
    2. Free 90-day trial
    3. Secure and reliable
    4. Affordable
  • 44. What’s included in my GetSig subscription?

    When you sign up to GetSig, you get access to eSignatures, two types of templates, a team hub to store all of your documents, tracking to see who still needs to sign a document, and integrations with your favourite tools.

  • 45. Can I try GetSig before subscribing?

    Yes! You can sign up for a 90-day free trial of GetSig here. No credit card required.

  • 46. Will my card be charged after the free trial ends?

    GetSig doesn't collect your credit card details to start a free trial. So you don't have to pay anything until you decide to subscribe. Once you're ready to start, upgrade to a paid plan at any time. Choose between a pay-as-you-go plan at $0.50 per eSignature request or the unlimited plan at $7.50 per month per user.

  • 47. How do I cancel my subscription?

    It depends on your plan — for the pay-as-you-go option, you can just stop using GetSig. If you have an unlimited plan, then you can go into your account and cancel your service.

  • 48. Are eSignatures on GetSig legally binding?

    Yes. All eSignatures using GetSig are admissible in court in Australia and internationally.

  • 49. Can I store documents in a shared folder?

    Yes. GetSig makes it easy to store and share documents on the platform or via integration with tools like Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • 50. Is GetSig secure?

    Yes. GetSig uses military-grade encryption technology used by the NSA. This protects documents stored on our platform. Plus, we have a pending patent for a secure method to encrypt signed documents sent over emails to safeguard from unauthorised access.

  • 51. Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

    Yes. GetSig doesn't lock you into a contract like other platforms do. If you no longer want to use GetSig, log into your account to cancel your subscription. This is only necessary if you're on the unlimited plan for $7.50/user/mo. The pay-as-you-go option doesn't require cancellation, just stop using it.

  • 52. What happens after my free trial ends with GetSig?

    After completing your 90-day free trial, you will have to either opt for the pay-as-you-go plan for $0.50 per eSignaure request. Or sign up for our unlimited plan for $7.50/mo/user.

  • 53. How many users can I add to my team hub on GetSig?

    GetSig allows an unlimited number of teammates. It costs $7.50/mo per user.

  • 54. Is eSigning with GetSig secure?

    Yes. GetSig uses military-grade encryption technology used by the NSA. We also safeguard emails containing your documents using our patent-pending security protocol.

  • 55. Are eSignature legally binding?

    Yes. Australia and countries across the world recognise eSignatures. GetSig also complies with regulations (ESIGN Act) to ensure eSignatures are legally binding.

  • 56. Is GetSig a secure eSignature platform?

    Yes. GetSig uses military-grade encryption technology to secure stored documents. We also have a pending patent for document encryption to ensure your documents are safe during transmission.

  • 57. What happens after my 90-day trial on GetSig?

    When your 90-day free trial ends, you will have to sign up for a paid plan. We do not collect your credit card details, so a plan won't start until you do it manually.

  • 58. Do I have to sign a contract to use GetSig?

    No. GetSig doesn't require a contract — choose between a pay-as-you-go plan for $0.50 per eSignature request. Or opt for the unlimited plan for $7.50/user/month.

  • 59. Are my documents secure on GetSig?

    Yes. All documents you upload to GetSig are secure on our AWS cloud. We use military-grade encryption to protect your documents. We also have a patent pending security protocol to protect signed documents sent over email via GetSig.

  • 60. Are eSignatures legally binding?

    Yes. All eSignatures you capture using GetSig are legally binding in Australia and international countries.

  • 61. Do you have a free trial?

    Yes, you can sign up for a free 90-day trial to give GetSig a test run. If you like it, you can sign up for a paid plan for $7.50/user/month or pay as you go for $0.50 per eSignature request.

  • 62. Does GetSig require a contract?

    No, you don't need to sign a contract to use GetSig. You can subscribe and cancel at any time via your online account.

  • 63. How many templates can I create in GetSig?

    GetSig comes with two types of templates (regular and overlays), but you can build an unlimited number of templates on our platform.

  • 64. Does GetSig comply with industry regulations?

    Yes. GetSig stays on top of eSignature regulations, including ESIGN Act, so our users are always compliant.

  • 65. Will I automatically be billed after my free trial?

    Once your 90-day free trial ends, you will not be billed. We don't collect credit card information during the free trial sign-up, so you will have to enter it manually when you select a paid plan.

  • 66. What is an electronic signature?

    An electronic signature (eSignature) is a digital representation of the signatory's handwritten or printed name. It confirms that a document was signed by the recipient, and that person agrees to its contents. Electronic signatures are commonly used to facilitate online transactions, such as buying products or services.

  • 67. Are electronic signatures secure?

    Yes. Electronic signatures are secure when you use GetSig. All documents sent through our platform have military-grade encryption to protect their contents.

  • 68. What type of documents can I eSign with GetSig?

    You can eSign documents in PDF and Word Documents.

  • 69. What makes GetSig’s eSignatures more secure?

    GetSig offers top-notch security for eSignature documents using military-grade encryption technology. It consists of AES-256 encryption the NSA approves and uses to protect its confidential documents and files.

  • 70. Is GetSig’s interface user-friendly?

    Yes. GetSig was designed with you in mind. No need for technical experience or lengthy tutorials. Jump in and get started eSigning and sending documents within minutes.

  • 71. What type of documents can I eSign using GetSig?

    You can use GetSig for Word or PDF documents, including:

    • Contracts
    • Invoices
    • NDAs
    • Employee applications
    • Employment agreements
    • Statement of Work (SOWs)
    • Purchase orders
    • Offer letters
    • Proposals
    • Loan agreements
    • Permission slips
    • Lease and rental agreements
    • And more
  • 72. Does GetSig offer templates or do I make them myself?

    GetSig’s templates allow you to save where fields are on a document. You can choose to use a regular template, which doesn’t change at all, such as NDAs. Just upload the document and save it in your templates.

    Or you can use an overlay template that maintains the same structure but requires unique information inserted in specific areas, such as names, emails, and addresses (like on a contract). Upload the document then use GetSig to insert the information fields in the necessary areas. The template will remember the locations for that specific type of document, so you never have to reinsert the fields again.

    Once saved, you can reuse the templates anytime using any internet-connected device.

  • 73. How long is Docusign's free trial compared to GetSig's?

    DocuSign only offers 30-day free trials, while GetSig's free trial is 90 days.

  • 74. How many eSignature requests come with DocuSign's low-tier plans?

    DocuSign only allows users five eSignature requests in its low-tier plans. However, GetSig offers one low price for unlimited eSignature requests.

  • 75. How is GetSig's security better than DocuSign's?

    GetSig uses military-grade technology and patented security to encrypt both document storage and documents during transmission. Most tools, like DocuSign, only protect data stored on their servers.

  • 76. Will my card automatically be billed after the trial ends?

    There's no card to bill because GetSig doesn't ask for your credit card details to sign up for a 90-day free trial.

  • 77. Is GetSig more secure than PandaDoc?

    PandaDoc uses AES-256 encryption, which is the same military-grade technology we use at GetSig. However, GetSig also has patent pending security to safeguard the transmission of your documents to recipients.

  • 78. Is GetSig difficult to learn and use?

    Not at all. GetSig has a simple interface that's intuitive for first-time users. We make it easy to upload, eSign, and send documents in just a few minutes.

  • 79. How many templates does GetSig offer?

    GetSig has two template options you can use to create unlimited templates. Regular templates are for documents requiring no change, such as NDAs. And overlay templates allow you to set and save text fields for documents like contracts and invoices. This way, you never have to add text fields to the same documents over and over.

  • 80. Is it easy to cancel my subscription with GetSig?

    Yes. There's no need to contact GetSig to cancel your subscription. Just log into your account and cancel at anytime.

  • 81. Why is GetSig's security better than Secured Signing's?

    GetSig uses the same military-grade encryption tech the NSA uses to protect stored data. Plus, we have patented security we use to protect your documents when emailed to recipients.

  • 82. What other integrations does GetSig offer?

    GetSig can connect with your business systems using our no-code API. Plus, you can integrate your favorite tools through Zapier integrations, including Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Basecamp, and Google Suite (among 3,000 others).

  • 83. Does GetSig offer a notary service?

    Not yet, but a notary service is something we plan to add soon.

  • 84. How long does it take to receive a response from customer service?

    GetSig prides itself on offering fast response times for customer support tickets. It takes our customer support team less than 24 hours to get back to your inquiry.

  • 85. How is GetSig's security better than HelloSign's?

    GetSig uses military-grade encryption technology the NSA trusts to protect its stored files. However, we also have patent pending security measures to ensure your files reach their digital destination safely (vs. sending unsecured documents).

  • 86. How many templates can I create using GetSig?

    HelloSign's cheapest plans limit you to only five templates, while GetSig gives you unlimited templates per month.

  • 87. Is GetSig ideal for enterprise companies?

    Yes, GetSig offers a robust platform that large and small businesses can use to handle large volumes of monthly eSigned documents.

  • 88. How many people can I add to my team on GetSig?

    You can add as many as you want under our monthly unlimited plan, which is 7.50 monthly per user.

  • 89. Is GetSig more secure than eSignatures.io?

    What sets apart our security measures from eSignatures.io, outside of using military-grade technology, is our patent pending security. It's a unique method to secure sending documents via email. So far, we're the only eSignature providers doing this.

  • 90. Are GetSig eSignatures legally-binding?

    Yes, eSignatures using GetSig is upheld in courts in Australia and across the world.

  • 91. How do I eSign a document using GetSig?

    It's simple — upload a PDF or .DOC file, insert fields if necessary, eSign the document, and send to one or more recipients using our bulk send option.

  • 92. Can I share access to eSigned documents with my team?

    Yes, GetSig has a team hub where you can share access to documents with your team and clients. However, only you will have editing access for the documents you add. Other team members can upload and request signatures as long as you have the monthly plan — $7.50/mo/user.

  • 93. Is GetSig more secure than Annature?

    GetSig's military-grade encryption technology is top-notch and used by the NSA. But it's our patent pending security method for sending documents via email that sets us apart. Not only do we safeguard your stored documents, we also encrypt them when you email them to recipients.

  • 94. After the 90-day trial, will it automatically switch to a paid plan?

    No. We do not collect your billing information, so you will have to select and pay for a paid plan manually.

  • 95. How do I cancel my subscription with GetSig?

    If you're unhappy with our platform or need to take a break, you can easily cancel your subscription inside your account. No need to contact our support team.

  • 96. Is it easy to get started using GetSig?

    GetSig has a user-friendly interface that's easy to learn and use within minutes. We also have tutorial videos that are quick to help you along if you get stuck.

  • 97. Do I need to pay extra to access GetSig’s integrations?

    No, when you sign up to GetSig you have access to all of our powerful Integrations.

  • 98. Are there more integrations coming soon?

    Yes, we are building more direct integrations with powerful partner platforms. Soon your favorite CRMs, payroll, and accounting systems will have a direct integration with GetSig.

  • 99. What types of partnerships are available?

    GetSig offers three great partnership opportunities - affiliate, reseller, and integration partnerships. All partnerships have the ability to earn you commission. Get in touch to find out which would suit you best.

  • 100. Am I eligible to join the GetSig Affiliate Program?

    Anyone can join the GetSig Affiliate Program, if you have friends, colleagues, or followers who would benefit from GetSig, jump on board and share your affiliate link.

  • 101. What does it cost to join?

    Nothing, joining is free.

  • 102. How much do I earn in the GetSig Affiliate Program?

    You will earn 50% of the revenue that comes through your channel during your referral’s first year. After their first year, you will earn 10% or 20% commission from whatever your referral spends on the platform. Commissions are paid every 3 months into your nominated account.

  • 103. Are eSignatures legally binding?

    Yes. All eSignatures you capture using GetSig are legally binding in Australia and international countries.

Get all the features you desire without the high price

GetSig comes with everything you need to improve your digital signature workflow.

Legally binding signatures

Signing documents with GetSig is legally binding under Australian and international law.

Full audit trail and visibility

Know who signed what and when with an audit trail that gives complete visibility.

Military-grade security

Stop sending signed documents via unencrypted emails--GetSig uses military tech for enhanced protection.

Reusable templates

Create templates with pre-filled fields for faster document processing workflows. 

Organisation and Teams

Share and control access to documents within a team and throughout your organisation.

Automations and notifications

Never forget pending documents and signatures using GetSig's automation and auto-reminders.

Working remotely or in the office? GetSig offers a stress-free process for obtaining electronic signatures.

Simplify eSigning with GetSig

Let's make remote document signing fast, secure, and affordable—the way it should be. 


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Jan S. | Managing Director

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“Amazing Product when compared to DocuSign or PandaDoc”

Robert J. | CEO