GetSig works with your workflow

Integrate with document storage apps out of the box, use webhooks to send data to other systems, connect with our API or use our Zapier integration to send data to 3,000 + apps.


No-code means no stress for the non-techies. GetSig offers a plug-and-play integration system for your favourite tools through Zapier (Mailchimp, Asana, and more).

Direct integrations

GetSig directly integrates with your favorite storage platforms. Upload documents for signing straight from your Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box accounts.


Speed up your workflow with webhooks. You can register a webhook and receive a callback from GetSig when your signing request is complete.


We build powerful API integrations with our integration partners. Check out our API Documentation below or contact us through our partner page to discuss integrations.

Direct integrations

Connect with these popular apps in a couple clicks on your GetSig dashboard.

Upload documents for signing straight from your Dropbox account. Simply link your dropbox account with GetSig and you’re good to go.

Link your Box account in GetSig to access your Box documents. From there, uploading documents from your Box is as simple as a few clicks. Done.

Have documents saved on your OneDrive that need signing? No problem, link your OneDrive to GetSig in a few seconds. It couldn’t be easier.

Popular no-code integrations

How many tools do you use in your daily workflow? Odds are GetSig integrates with it and 3k other popular apps, including CRMs, mail platforms, and CMSs through Zapier.

New Hubspot contacts can automatically sync with your GetSig contact book and more.

Send GetSig templated envelopes automatically when new Typeform entries are made.

Power up your Mailchimp campaigns by automatically sending templated signing documents when a customer clicks on a specified link.

Add new users in your slack group straight to your GetSig contact book without having to think twice.

As soon as an order is placed or customer created GetSig can send a templated contract for signing.

New Asana users? Don’t waste time copy pasting their information, one Zap can instantly update your GetSig contact book.

Instantly send specific templated documents for signing when a board is updated.

Set up a Zap for your contacts in Google Sheets to make sure GetSig stays up to date.

Moving a lead down your sales funnel? Why not have GetSig instantly send them your service agreement?

Ensure your GetSig contact book stays up to date when adding new contacts to your Xero account.

Create GetSig envelopes from new Gravity Forms submissions.

Keep your contacts synchronized and immediately send templated contracts when a deal hits the right stage in your pipeline.

Need a more customised workflow? Use our REST API to create any workflow you need.

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  • 1. Is GetSig a secure eSignature platform?

    Yes. GetSig uses military-grade encryption technology to secure stored documents. We also have a pending patent for document encryption to ensure your documents are safe during transmission.

  • 2. Do you have a free trial?

    Yes, you can sign up for a free 90-day trial to give GetSig a test run. If you like it, you can sign up for a paid plan for $7.50/user/month or pay as you go for $0.50 per eSignature request.

  • 3. Do I need to pay extra to access GetSig’s integrations?

    No, when you sign up to GetSig you have access to all of our powerful Integrations.

  • 4. Are there more integrations coming soon?

    Yes, we are building more direct integrations with powerful partner platforms. Soon your favorite CRMs, payroll, and accounting systems will have a direct integration with GetSig.

Get all the features you desire without the high price

GetSig comes with everything you need to improve your digital signature workflow.

Legally binding signatures

Signing documents with GetSig is legally binding under Australian and international law.

Full audit trail and visibility

Know who signed what and when with an audit trail that gives complete visibility.

Military-grade security

Stop sending signed documents via unencrypted emails--GetSig uses military tech for enhanced protection.

Reusable templates

Create templates with pre-filled fields for faster document processing workflows. 

Organisation and Teams

Share and control access to documents within a team and throughout your organisation.

Automations and notifications

Never forget pending documents and signatures using GetSig's automation and auto-reminders.

Working remotely or in the office? GetSig offers a stress-free process for obtaining electronic signatures.

Simplify eSigning with GetSig

Let's make remote document signing fast, secure, and affordable—the way it should be. 


“Consider GetSig over DocuSign and Adobe Sign”

Jan S. | Managing Director

“Best in class eSignature product for a remote workforce”

Jag K. | Founder

“Amazing Product when compared to DocuSign or PandaDoc”

Robert J. | CEO