GetSig Affiliate Partner Program

Your customers, followers, and friends will appreciate learning how they can streamline their workflows by eSigning with GetSig. Earn 50% commission in year one, and up to 20% forever.

50% year one earnings

Earn a generous 50% commission during your referral’s first year on the platform.

Up to 20% forever

You’ll continue earning commissions after your referral’s first year, up to 20% forever.

No cost to join

Joining the affiliate program is 100% free and we provide you with the resources to get started.

Industry leading solution

GetSig is the super secure and cost friendly eSigning platform that your followers will love.

How do payments work?

During their first year, if a user you referred pay $60 per month, you earn $30 dollars. You’ll keep earning after the first year of their subscription – either 10% or 20% of their subscription revenue depending on the revenue your channel generates. Commission is paid every 3 months into your nominated account.

Who can join?

Anyone can join our Affiliate Program. Just sign up below to access your free referral link and start promoting. The GetSig Partner Portal will track your referrals, payments, and provide you with digital assets.



Year One Commission

  • 10% lifetime commission
  • No minium revenue requirement
  • Eligible for marketing development funds
  • Co-branded marketing resources available
  • Limited access to partner manager



Year One Commission

  • 20% lifetime commission
  • $100k minium revenue requirement
  • Eligible for marketing development funds
  • Jointly planned marketing initiatives & resources
  • Full access to partner manager

We’ll help you get started

`Share your link, start earning. It’s that simple. But to make it even simpler, we’ve put together some resources that you can snag and start using for yourself.

Download the GetSig Affiliate Enablement Pack to gain some handy tips on driving traffic to your blog, vlog or posts so you can earn.

Track your progress with the GetSig Partner Portal

Access new resources to help you promote GetSig, stay up to date about the latest updates in the product and track your referrals and earnings with our handy partner portal.

Become a GetSig affiliate today

Complete the form below to get started with an affiliate partnership.
We review and approve applications within one business day and will be in touch via email.

Grow your revenue potential

Do your customers sign contracts, invoices, and other documents daily? Then they’ll benefit from adding GetSig to their workflow — thanks to you.

Improve your customers' workflow

Do your customers sign contracts, invoices, and other documents daily? Then they’ll benefit from adding GetSig to their workflow — thanks to you.

Build your reputation and customer relationships

Giving value to your customers is your top priority. By becoming a GetSig partner, you’re adding value to your product and building trust with your customer base.

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  • 1. What types of partnerships are available?

    GetSig offers three great partnership opportunities - affiliate, reseller, and integration partnerships. All partnerships have the ability to earn you commission. Get in touch to find out which would suit you best.

  • 2. Am I eligible to join the GetSig Affiliate Program?

    Anyone can join the GetSig Affiliate Program, if you have friends, colleagues, or followers who would benefit from GetSig, jump on board and share your affiliate link.

  • 3. What does it cost to join?

    Nothing, joining is free.

  • 4. How much do I earn in the GetSig Affiliate Program?

    You will earn 50% of the revenue that comes through your channel during your referral’s first year. After their first year, you will earn 10% or 20% commission from whatever your referral spends on the platform. Commissions are paid every 3 months into your nominated account.

  • 5. Are eSignatures legally binding?

    Yes. All eSignatures you capture using GetSig are legally binding in Australia and international countries.

Why choose GetSig over others?

Who you partner with speaks volumes about you as a business owner. By selecting GetSig, you’re delivering a solution to your customer base with proven satisfaction. Just look at the raving reviews our users give us (compared to the other guys).

“Consider GetSig over DocuSign and Adobe Sign”

Jan S. | Managing Director

“Best in class eSignature product for a remote workforce”

Jag K. | Founder

“Amazing Product when compared to DocuSign or PandaDoc”

Robert J. | CEO

GetSig is the only eSignature solution that offers all the features eSigners need without the high price. Plus, we offer top-tier military-grade encryption and patent-pending security no one else offers. Oh, and did we mention we have a 90-day free trial?
No credit card needed.

DocuSign vs. GetSig

Want complexity, sales jargon, and overpriced eSignatures? Go with DocuSign. Prefer insane value for all the features you need? Try GetSig

HelloSign vs. GetSig

Need an eSignature tool with reliable uptime, security, and affordability? Then forget HelloSign — go with GetSig.

PandaDoc vs. GetSig

Glitchy, unwanted updates and nickel and diming — that’s what you get with PandaDoc. GetSig offers an intuitive interface and all the features you need.

GetSig is unmatched in simplicity, affordability, and security.