Make life easier for patients (and your staff) with GetSig

Endless paperwork — there’s no getting away from it in the healthcare industry. But we can make it easier to manage and process. GetSig makes reviewing, signing, and storing documents simpler for everyone.

Build trust with patients by delivering a fast and convenient experience

Increase patient and staff satisfaction in the paperwork process

Ensure the security of sensitive patient data using military-grade encryption

Send and receive patient documents fast

Paperwork is no fun. It’s tedious and long, so why not speed up the process by emailing documents to fill out digitally? GetSig empowers your staff with pre-filled templates so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time helping patients.

Ensure signatures are legally binding

Every document eSigned with GetSig is legally binding in Australia and internationally. So rest easy knowing patient documents signed digitally are legit and upheld in the court of law.

“Consider GetSig over DocuSign and Adobe Sign”

Jan S. | Managing Director

“Best in class eSignature product for a remote workforce”

Jag K. | Founder

“Amazing Product when compared to DocuSign or PandaDoc”

Robert J. | CEO

Start your risk-free trial now to see if GetSig works for your business. No credit card needed.

Reduce paper waste and costs

The healthcare industry is spending nearly $4M a year on printing paper each year. Imagine the cost savings for your office when you switch to digital paperwork and eSignatures. That alone makes it worth it and with GetSig costing only $7.50/mo/user, it’s a steal.

Speed up hiring and onboarding

Hiring new employees? Send the offers for them to review and eSign via email. GetSig uses military-grade encryption to protect documents in storage. Plus, we have patent-pending security to protect confidential documents emailed to applicants.

Works with your workflow

GetSig integrates with many of the popular CRMs and sales tools used today through Zapier. Plus, you can use our API integration to add us to your current business systems.


GetSig integrates with your favourite tools to prevent hiccups in your workflow. Get set up in minutes and begin creating, sending, and signing docs from anywhere.

API Integration

Build GetSig into your business systems, so you generate and eSign documents without leaving your favourite CRM (Salesforce, SAP, HubSpot, and more).

No-Code Integration

No-code means no stress for the non-techies. GetSig offers a plug-and-play integration system for your favourite tools through Zapier (Mailchimp, Asana, and more).

Connect with 3,000+ apps

Still on the fence?

There are several eSignature software on your radar. Why choose GetSig over PandaDoc, DocuSign, or HelloSign? Aside from being a more affordable option, GetSig is the only platform with the combo of features and security you need to eSign with confidence. Plus, no other eSignature software offers a 90-day free trial (no credit card needed).

Here's how we stack up against the competition

DocuSign vs. GetSig

Want complexity, sales jargon, and overpriced eSignatures? Go with DocuSign. Prefer insane value for all the features you need? Try GetSig.

HelloSign vs. GetSig

Need an eSignature tool with reliable uptime, security, and affordability? Then forget HelloSign — go with GetSig.

PandaDoc vs. GetSig

Glitchy, unwanted updates and nickel and diming — that's what you get with PandaDoc. GetSig offers an intuitive interface and all the features you need.

GetSig is unmatched in simplicity, affordability, and security.

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  • 1. Are eSignatures on GetSig legally binding?

    Yes. All eSignatures using GetSig are admissible in court in Australia and internationally.

  • 2. Can I store documents in a shared folder?

    Yes. GetSig makes it easy to store and share documents on the platform or via integration with tools like Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • 3. Is GetSig secure?

    Yes. GetSig uses military-grade encryption technology used by the NSA. This protects documents stored on our platform. Plus, we have a pending patent for a secure method to encrypt signed documents sent over emails to safeguard from unauthorised access.

  • 4. Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

    Yes. GetSig doesn't lock you into a contract like other platforms do. If you no longer want to use GetSig, log into your account to cancel your subscription. This is only necessary if you're on the unlimited plan for $7.50/user/mo. The pay-as-you-go option doesn't require cancellation, just stop using it.

Get all the features you desire without the high price

GetSig comes with everything you need to improve your digital signature workflow.

Legally binding signatures

Signing documents with GetSig is legally binding under Australian and international law.

Full audit trail and visibility

Know who signed what and when with an audit trail that gives complete visibility.

Military-grade security

Stop sending signed documents via unencrypted emails--GetSig uses military tech for enhanced protection.

Reusable templates

Create templates with pre-filled fields for faster document processing workflows. 

Organisation and Teams

Share and control access to documents within a team and throughout your organisation.

Automations and notifications

Never forget pending documents and signatures using GetSig's automation and auto-reminders.

Working remotely or in the office? GetSig offers a stress-free process for obtaining electronic signatures.

Simplify eSigning with GetSig

Let's make remote document signing fast, secure, and affordable—the way it should be. 


“Consider GetSig over DocuSign and Adobe Sign”

Jan S. | Managing Director

“Best in class eSignature product for a remote workforce”

Jag K. | Founder

“Amazing Product when compared to DocuSign or PandaDoc”

Robert J. | CEO